Welcome to the Void!

Return to the world of The Tomorrow Children in a brand new experience developed by Q-Games. Featuring new islands, new equipment and multiple new ways to play. Available for PlayStation 4 and with enhancements for PlayStation 5.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition is a multiplayer co-operative action game that takes place within an alternate future. Following a failed experiment to unite the minds of all humanity, the return of civilisation now lies in the hands of Projection Clones; new life forms capable of venturing deep into the Void in search of preserved human survivors.

Multiplayer Co-Op Action

Game Overview

  • Collaborate through town building, resource gathering and mining
  • Recover matryoshka dolls containing lost souls and restore the human race
  • Visit other player’s towns online or play offline in single player mode
  • Explore 40+ islands that appear from the Void, abundant with resources, hazards and treasure
  • Extensive customisation options including building designs, costumes, items and more
  • Defend your town from attack by giant monsters
  • Use Void Powers to transform terrain and navigate treacherous areas