Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I report a bug or share feedback? 🔗

Please report any issues and share feedback using the Player Feedback Form

3. How many people can play together? 🔗

Up to 10 users can play online together in one town.

4. Can I play offline? 🔗

Yes. If you are disconnected from PlayStation Network or don't have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you will automatically play offline.

5. Do I need PlayStation Plus to play? 🔗

PlayStation Plus is required to play online, including visiting towns belonging to other players. You can play offline without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

6. How do I find my town code or town name? 🔗

To find a town code, please follow the steps below.

Using the in-game menu whilst in a town:

  1. Press the Options button
  2. Town name and town code are displayed

Whilst in the main menu:

  1. Select 'My Town'
  2. Town name and town code are displayed

7. How do I report a user for nuisance behaviour online? 🔗

You can use our in-game reporting system to report behaviour that does not adhere to the Q-Games EULA. You can also block PSN users directly using PlayStation's integrated block function.

You can send a report whilst in-game by taking a screenshot with the △ button while pressing L2. Please select the category of nuisance behavior and we will investigate.

Review details about blocking users on PSN

8. What is the main goal of The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition? How should I get started? 🔗

The main goal is to revive humankind by developing your own town, exploring islands, gathering resources and collaborating with other players for the greater good. You can visit other players' towns to further develop their revival efforts and explore the expansive in-game world together.

Check out this introduction video from Game Director Dylan Cuthbert for some tips on how to get started.

9. How do I get more tools and weapons? 🔗

Equipment can be purchased from the various shops available to build in-game using the work bench. As you progress through the game, more tools, weapons and items will become available.

You can also visit other towns online to shop using their facilities.

10. Is there a photo mode? 🔗

Pressing L2 on the controller allows greater control of the camera to take photos in-game.

11. What is Comrade AI? 🔗

The Comrade AI are computer controlled players that can visit your town to assist with tasks including gathering resources, defending the town and repairing infrastructure. You can set their priorities using the Police Box.

You can invite Comrade AI into your town in both offline single player mode and whilst playing online.

12. What languages does the game support? 🔗

The game supports English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Latin-American Spanish

13. My friend can't see my town. What can I do? 🔗

  1. Check that both PlayStation systems are connected to the internet
  2. Check that both PlayStation systems are connected to the PlayStation Network with an active PS+ subscription
  3. Re-start the game
  4. Ensure both players have unlocked use of the subway in-game (after clearing the third island)
  5. Search for the town using a town code