Cool Treats for the Summer Heat!

As the summer sun shines across the Void, we’ve prepared some more great seasonal content that’s guaranteed to help you beat the heat!

From August 9th to August 31st, we’ll be sharing a number of cool new items and features to make this summer one to remember. These rewards will only be available during the Summer Campaign, so get your friends together and take a vacation in the Void!

Solar Flower

Comrades who log in during the Summer Campaign will receive the exclusive Megaflora (Fury) item. The bold yellow color of this giant flower harnesses the intensity of the sun itself, so it’s sure to brighten up any town! Make sure to grab this exclusive item before it disappears on August 30th, and you’ll be able to craft an entire meadow of them at the Workbench.

Life’s a Beach

No summer season is complete without a trip to the beach, so we’ll also be sharing the exclusive Beach Ball item with everyone who logs in between August 9th and August 30th. Once you receive the Beach Ball, you’ll be able to craft more for yourself at the Workbench, so make sure not to miss it! It’s the perfect item for recreating those seaside memories.


Island Getaway

Two new islands will make their appearance during the Summer Campaign and beyond, with an increased chance of stumbling across them during the event. If you want to get your friends together to take an island trip, now is the time! Will your expeditions be a blast, or will you run out of juice? ‘Deep Concentration’ and ‘Satellite Broadcast’ are waiting for your arrival, comrades.

When you discover a new island, make sure to let us know on Discord or by sharing your photos with the hashtag #TheTomorrowChildren.

Hot Couture

Finally, a new season brings with it new styles! Two new stylish bags will be unveiled during the Summer Campaign to accompany your summer outfits. Will you accessorise with the sophisticated Circle Bag (Bordered), or express your devotion to the cause with the Circle Bag (Patriot)?


Please continue sharing your videos and screenshots with us using #TheTomorrowChildren on Twitter and in our official Discord server. We love seeing your adventures in the Void! Thanks for your support, comrades.