Update for our comrades! (September 9th, 2022)


Hey everyone,

We're back with another update for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us, and especially to our community on Discord who are part of the live conversation about what we include in these updates. If you haven't joined us over there yet, we'd love to have you! You can join our official Discord server using this link.

Today's update will include:

  • The Administrator Tower's limit of one has been fixed, and the building cost lowered
  • An issue that was affecting some users when putting their console into Sleep/Standby mode has been fixed
  • The hard void around the bus stop has been adjusted to allow for the bus to unload
  • Network reliability has been increased
  • The building repair and Black Market Inventory crash when full have both been fixed
  • Other general crashes and issues have been resolved

Known Issues:

  • On rare occasions, the game's background music will continue to play on the Title Screen or vice versa. Unfortunately you will need to close the title and run it again when this happens. We are working on a fix for this as soon as possible.

If you'd like to report a bug or have a request for a feature, please let us know by using our official Player Feedback Form.