Update for our comrades! (October 7th, 2022)



Incoming update for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition! Thanks as always for all your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Keep them coming - you can always reach us either in the official Discord server, or through the Player Feedback Form. Thank you for your continued support!

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Today's update includes:

  • Fixed a problem in which the Ministry of Labor was reporting negative points for damage to facilities and equipment when a person had not been in his/her town for a while.
  • The degree to which a town would fall into disrepair after being away from it for a period of time has been reduced. Also, facilities that can't be repaired when damaged are left alone.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in rare cases when the Comrade AI attacked Izverg.
  • Fixed a problem in which metal dropped by Retashi under the effect of the Trudan Sunlight Brooch would affect the count of the island's Matryoshkas.
  • Fixed a problem in which metal from floating lights on the island would also be counted in the matryoshka count.
  • "Liking" an action of a comrade AI while they are doing something will now double the priority of that type of task for 15 minutes, and "disliking" it will prevent the AI from doing that action for 15 minutes.
  • Default Comrade AI support has been increased from 2 AI Projection Clones to 3 AI Projection Clones.
  • Some island problems have been adjusted.
  • The search criteria for "Newly established towns" has been revised and the range has been expanded.
  • To address the problem of towns crashing when the number of hover tanks and hover machines increases too much, a limit of 10 has been set.
  • The number of hover machines increased by Mayor Stanchinski will also adhere to this limit.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Comrade AI were not appearing for the player at the right time in the player progression after the tutorial.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

If you'd like to report a bug or have a request for a feature, please let us know by using our official Player Feedback Form.