Comrades, rare Izverg are once again approaching the Void!

This rare migration will take place from May 5th to May 6th, when comrades will have the chance to battle the powerful Golden Bankrotz and reap the rewards. Rumour has it that the mysterious metabolism of these dangerous beasts can turn normal objects into solid gold, so be on the lookout for an exclusive golden item when these monsters are defeated!

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition celebration is available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

Battle the rare Izverg at the following times:

⌛ - 2pm JST / 4am UTC (5th May)

⌛ - 6pm JST / 9am UTC (5th May)

⌛ - 9pm JST / 12pm UTC (5th May)

⌛ - 4am JST / 7pm UTC (6th May / 5th May UTC)

⌛ - 9am JST / 12am UTC (6th May)

⌛ - 9pm JST / 12pm UTC (6th May)