Postcards From the Void #6


Glory to all, comrades!


Glorious hard-working proletariat have submitted imaginative designs from across the land! While reviewing and exploring these new possibilities, we discovered some strange powers that have emerged from the Void. We must investigate and make use of them immediately!

The Administrator

Hey everyone,

This is Will here! We are so excited to see all of your creations for the design contest. We are currently looking through them and picking our favorites. It’ll take some time to judge which one will be declared the winner, so please wait a bit longer until we have additional information. For today, I’m joined by Jake, the head of Analytics and Marketing at Q-Games as we explore the Void! We’ve got an exclusive behind-the-curtain look at a selection of Void Powers to share with you and we really had a lot of fun recording this segment. I hope you enjoy this preview!


Comrades’ Voice

In the last issue and on Discord we asked you, if you could use any Void Power in real life, what would it be?

Here are some of your answers:

Comrade DanisSanchz said this refreshing take:

I would use the Tears for Tomorrow, to help water people's gardens or help water very dry places around the world. 🌲

Comrade and Ambassador Xpert had a different approach:

Since I live beyond the Arctic Circle and we have winter eight months a year, I would use Void Power to quick snow removal from the streets of my city.

Comrade LuffyRynda had this great idea:

Well. The most useful power would be probably Void Portals - to easily teleport yourself from Island to Town when it is under attack 🙂 On the other hand, You could summon your Void Pet - from Void Portal 🧙‍♂️ . It would be your void companion and that would be kawaii 😄

Lastly, Comrade and Ambassador Gorbicus thought of this get-rich-quick scheme…

Sudden Solstice: Distorts time and space! So, I can manipulate present time, back and forth for my advantage in stock markets 💵 😂 💰

We’re planning to host a Q&A in the near future and we are wondering: What kind of questions do you have for Dylan Cuthbert, the director of The Tomorrow Children?

Fan Art From the Void

pftv_issue06_fanart1 ChaoticD on the Discord has been posting pixel art based on The Tomorrow Children! It conveys the charm of the game even in pixel form! Make sure to look through Discord for more images!

pftv_issue06_fanart2 creatDEWworld on Twitter has drawn this amazing image of the Projection Clone! It’s really amazing that there are so many different kinds of styles for fan art of The Tomorrow Children!

pftv_issue06_fanart3 Playertotheleft wrote on Twitter that The Tomorrow Children inspired them to make an original card game! The Matryoshkas are certainly an iconic part of the in-game world, and these designs are superb!

pftv_issue06_ss1 pftv_issue06_ss2 pftv_issue06_ss3 Thank you to all of our Ambassadors for helping spread the word about The Tomorrow Children!