Postcards From the Void #5

Glory to all, comrades!


This is urgent news for all glorious hard-working proletariat! Never before seen islands are forming from the Void at an unprecedented rate. We need your help to investigate them immediately!

The Administrator

A Message From the Devs

Hey everyone,

As you guessed it we are completely focused on islands today! I’m joined by Marie and Ishizu to discuss how the islands were designed for the original release. There’s a lot of great information in this video, so please take a look!

It doesn’t stop there – there is an ongoing contest to design a brand new island! The winning island will be implemented in the actual game. Fans of The Tomorrow Children are all extremely creative, so I’m so excited to see what kind of ideas everyone will offer. For more information about the contest visit the Q-Games’ website for the full set of rules.


Comrades’ Voice

In the last issue and on Discord we asked you, what was the most memorable island you have visited in The Tomorrow Children?

Here are some of your answers:

Comrade LuffyRynda stated:

To be honest the one I remember the best is with the face and rockets ^^ (Naturally not counting the small Island with the trees :)). I also remember that there was one nice Island with Christmas Balls ^^

Comrade and Ambassador Tymek had quite the unique take:

I'm quite partial to the Steam Kettle Island. I enjoyed digging into the cloud at the top, with its bountiful resources and all.

Comrade Naoto has this to say about the pig island:

Despite it's cute appearance, the inside is as complex as an RPG dungeon and I've always wanted to know everything about it.

Comrade Satoge said the sushi island was their favorite, and that it looked delicious!

We are wondering: if you could use any Void Power in real life, what would it be?

Fan Art From the Void

pftv_issue05_fanart1 This New Years Postcard by Shinsaku is truly remarkable! We were left speechless when we saw it. 2022 will be an amazing year for TTC fans! pftv_issue05_fanart2 These emojis were done by Miner37 on the Q-Games Discord! They were so well done, we actually added them as emojis to the server. Miner37 has done some other incredible art with TTC in the past as well! pftv_issue05_fanart3 This edit was really cute. It was done by speak-softly on the Discord. It feels like it’s truly a year of the Tiger! What kind of costumes would you like to see for the Projection Clone?

pftv_issue05_ss1 pftv_issue05_ss2 pftv_issue05_ss3 Thank you to all of our Ambassadors for helping spread the word about The Tomorrow Children!