Postcards From the Void #4

Glory to all, comrades!


It is a new year, and a new beginning! Let us remember the glorious news we received last year, and continue to march forward. Soon Comrades, we can return to rebuilding our society and strive for the greater good once more.

The Administrator

A Message From the Devs

pftv_issue04_hny Happy New Year!

Everyone at Q-Games wishes you a Happy New Year! 2022 marks the Year of the Tiger, and just like a tiger we have some powerful news to share with loyal comrades! I caught up with Jerome Liard, one of the programmers for The Tomorrow Children, to get an exclusive look at some of the debug features that the developers use in the creation of The Tomorrow Children. The land generation really feels ‘out of this world’, so I hope you enjoy this rare look behind the (iron) curtain.


Comrades’ Voice

In the Discord we asked you what kind of “job” you took when playing The Tomorrow Children. Here are your answers! pftv_issue04_graph We want to know…what was the most memorable island you have visited in The Tomorrow Children? Let us know in our Discord and we will feature your answers in the next issue!

Fan Art From the Void

pftv_issue04_fanart1 Wait? Is this fan art or food art? The onigiri that was done by @gatto194 on Twitter is incredibly well done. It was posted in 2017, but it’s something that stuck with us for a long time. Let us know if you’ve heard from gatto194! pftv_issue04_fanart2 It’s so cool seeing fan art in different styles, and this one by @AnaNarita444 on Twitter is amazing! pftv_issue04_fanart3 The Matryoshka Doll was hand knit by Twitter user @Yokoyan in 2017. I wonder if they still store their glasses in it?

pftv_issue04_ss1 pftv_issue04_ss2 pftv_issue04_ss3