Postcards From the Void #3

Glory to all, comrades!


As the New Year approaches, the date of us reuniting with each other draws closer and closer. It may be some time before you hear from me again, but rest assured we are not resting! We must continue our hard work at restoring our connection to the Void.

The Administrator

A Message From the Devs

Hey everyone,

This is Will again! Thank you for your ongoing support and excitement about our future return to the Void. Your passion and advocacy for the game has been overwhelming and the whole team here at Q-Games are thrilled to be sharing this journey with you. The dev team will be taking a holiday break so our next major leak won't come for a few weeks. Rest assured we have some exciting things planned as we move into the new year.

In order to celebrate the overwhelming amounts of fan art we’re seeing for The Tomorrow Children, we also decided to start featuring our favourite pieces in every issue moving forward. Do you want your art featured? Please share it with us on our Discord!

Today, I’ll be joining Dylan to showcase some of the debug features our development team are using to bring back The Tomorrow Children, better than ever!


Comrades’ Voice

In the next issue, we want to feature some of your reactions. Share your reaction on how you felt when you heard The Tomorrow Children was coming back, and we may feature it in the next issue. We will start a Discord Thread on The Tomorrow Children channel as a place to collect your reaction! Let’s build up that comradery!

In the last issue we asked how you felt about the revival of TTC. Here are some of your responses.

Gorbicus, one of the Ambassadors of the Void had this to say:

After the first day of shutdown, I was sure about that this game would come back. Because it was ahead of its time and not truly discovered by many gamers. When Dylan replied me on Reddit on those days saying "IP is owned by Sony"; I replied him back: Sometimes good friendship ties can resolve many things easily in business. I believe Q-Games will get this title back and republish it. If there is hope from people, so everything is possible. The Tomorrow Children is a unique artwork -from script to music, from art design to game-play mechanics. Only true gamers could understand how it shines within those thousands of games!

Darnell02156 shared this story:

I was getting ready for work and refreshed Reddit as I got ready. I saw a post that said TTC was "just announced" on the PS5 storefront and almost choked on my cereal. I didn't have time to jump right into it so I started searching on my phone as I headed to work. It wasn't on my store or purchase history. Several thought it was a bad joke. After going nuts all day I finally get home and find more people confirming it's listing. Still wouldn't show up for me and then the posts with Q-Games confirming the retrieval of the IP and revival hit me in the chest. It Was Coming Back. I got super excited because this is something that doesn't happen. I can't wait to play TTC again and I hope this time it finds it's place in the gaming world.

Finally, Basemastuh_J shared their excitement:

When I heard about it, there was lot of "HOLY swearword!!" and "NO WAYYY" that came outta me if I recall. It also immediately threw me back to 2016 when I was a much different kid at only 19yrs. I've never stopped thinking about this game since then. Always hoping, wondering. Now here we are, and here I am much older and wiser, but still with great taste in games

Fan Art From the Void

pftv_issue03_fanart1 This art was done by マタヨシ on Twitter. The Projection Clone is enjoying a refreshing VoidKa before returning to work. pftv_issue03_fanart2 This art was drawn by Naoto on Twitter! They also have a YouTube video showing the process of drawing it. This really took our breath away! pftv_issue03_fanart1 The crossover we never knew we needed! Dead Hungry collides with The Tomorrow Children in his spooky crossover. How many hamburgers do you think it will take for an Izverg to spare the town?

pftv_issue03_ss1 pftv_issue03_ss2 pftv_issue03_ss3