Postcards From the Void #20

Glory to all, comrades!


The Halloween season is coming to a close and bonus rewards will end on November 1st. Visit the Void this weekend and you will be rewarded greatly. We have prepared free items and extra toil for the destruction of certain Izverg.

Together we will succeed.

Keep going!

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Happy Halloween from the Void!

We hope you’re enjoying the ongoing festivities in The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. We’ve loved seeing your screenshots and videos - and there’s still time to take part!

Make sure to play between now and November 1st to claim your free Jack O’Lantern costume, take advantage of the timed bonus toil rewards and check out the rest of the Halloween event. The event ends November 1st, so don’t miss out!


The celebration continues this weekend and from today you can log in to play Trick or Treat. Will you receive a rare item, or a trick?! Head to your town to find out! Even a trick will help you to tackle any islands you encounter on your Halloween adventures, so everyone's a winner. And don’t forget to keep your eyes to the sky for rare island sightings, we heard a full moon might be on the way…

Thanks as always for your continued support, and please keep sharing your in-games clips and screenshots using #TheTomorrowChildren. We’ll share as many as we can.

Island Explorer Pack

Explore the Void in style with the Island Explorer Pack, available from the PlayStation Store now featuring 12 exclusive bags and 10 exclusive costumes.


A Glimpse Into the Void

Share your screenshots and game clips on social media using #TheTomorrowChildren and we’ll share as many as we can. Keep going, Comrades!

Credit:@DSnowwww pftv_issue20_ss1

Credit:@isabeau1435 pftv_issue20_ss2

Credit:@rito_112 pftv_issue20_ss3

Credit:@MINDYxhearts pftv_issue20_ss4