Postcards From the Void #2

Postcards From the Void #2!


As the weather becomes colder, let’s keep our bodies warm through work! Production on our Projection technology has had several improvements. Continue to spread this joyous news to the hard-working proletariat around the world!

The Administrator

A Message From the Devs

Hey everyone,

This is Totally Young Cool-guy™ Will! I’m excited to share some brand new information about the return of The Tomorrow Children with Dylan Cuthbert, the game’s director. Watch the video for all the juicy details.


Looking Back Before Moving Forward

In the next issue, we want to feature some of your reactions. Share your reaction on how you felt when you heard The Tomorrow Children was coming back, and we may feature it in the next issue. We will start a Discord Thread on The Tomorrow Children channel as a place to collect your reaction! Let’s build up that comradery!

A Glimpse Into the Void

pftv_issue02_busride pftv_issue02_voidka pftv_issue02_explore