Postcards From the Void #16

Glory to all, comrades!


Less than 1 week remains until your return. There are many islands awaiting exploration and your commitment will be crucial in restoring humankind. Take this time to prepare and review the latest updates from the Void.

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Hey everyone,

It’s less than 1 week until the launch of The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition! We can’t quite believe how fast the release date has come around. If you haven’t already, please add the game to your wishlist on PS5 here. Every wishlist helps!

We have new information to share with you, including details on our Early Bird bonus that will run for 2 weeks after launch on September 6 in North America and Europe, and September 7 in Japan.

Purchase within the first 2 weeks of launch to receive two free exclusive early bird bonuses, including a costume and house design. So make sure you don’t miss out!


We can also confirm the global launch timing! In Japan, The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will launch at 00:00 on 7th September. The release timing is synchronized globally, so you will all be able to play at exactly the same time! This time equates to 16:00 BST and 11:00 EDT. You can talk to other players on our official Discord server, so make sure to join us over there.

And don’t forget that you can now listen to the official soundtrack of The Tomorrow Children, scored by Joel Corelitz, on Tunecore, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Apple Music.


Fan Art from the Void

This incredible design was created by long-time fan of The Tomorrow Children, @taka8shi_0505 on Twitter. We love it! pftv_issue16_fanart1

Next up, is a striking design by @NAOKOXX on Twitter. They have been posting daily pieces of fan art counting down to launch and we’ve loved seeing every single one!