Postcards From the Void #15

Glory to all, comrades!


It appears a large number of Projection Clones in a single location were recently granted access to explore the Void.

The day swiftly approaches when you will also be required to venture into the vast unknown of the Void. In preparation, you must study the report on their excursion without delay.

The Administrator

Message from the Devs

Hey everyone,

It has been a busy few weeks here as we count down to the launch of The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition!

This month saw the return of BitSummit, Japan's industry-leading indie game development festival, and the team here at Q-Games were on hand to share The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition with attendees for the first time. We had a great time showing the game to both existing fans and new players alike, so thank you to everyone that stopped by. We can't wait until we can invite everyone to explore the Void when we launch on September 6th in Europe and America, and September 7th in Japan. If you haven't already, please add the game to your wishlist either directly through the Playstation Store or through the web store here.

We decided to take you along to BitSummit with us, so please check out our updates from the show floor below.


Finally, to get you in the mood to explore the Void, you can now listen to the official soundtrack of The Tomorrow Children, scored by Joel Corelitz, on Tunecore, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Apple Music. Let us know which tracks are your favourite over on Discord!

Comrades' Voice

This time, we asked comrades on Discord and Twitter:

"Which of the new features announced for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition are you most excited about?"

User ken_mcgowan over on Discord told us:

"The 'soft void' around the islands. It's going to be more challenging, and I'm curious to see how it changes the way we all have to work together."

You'll find out soon enough, comrade!

@dr_0ctavious on Twitter knows what he likes:

"Definitely the comrade AI. And also the grappling hook."

Excellent choices - zipping around on the grappling hook never gets old!

link_skullkid9 on Discord cast a wide net:

"The single player, AI workers, and the feature to invite your friends to your single player world is huge in my opinion. It basically sets up The Tomorrow Children for the future and all the other features. Also does the music count as a feature because the music is also (chef kiss).

It does count, and you can now listen to it whenever you like!

Fan Art from the Void

Our first piece of fan art is this adorable artwork of a Projection Clone from @masico29Q on Twitter! She's almost too cute to send out into the Void!


Our next amazing contribution is from @kixyo on Twitter. The detail in this sketch is exquisite! Thank you Kixyo!


Our final submission is this fantastic pencil sketch from Hannie over on Discord! This dynamic drawing makes us want to soar into the skies, too!


A Glimpse Into the Void

pftv_issue15_screenshot1 pftv_issue15_screenshot2 pftv_issue15_screenshot3