Postcards From the Void #13

No Longer Classified!


Prepare for inauguration! We have a confirmed arrival time for your return to the Void. Synchronize your calendars and watches, our day of glorious retribution is September 7 in Japan and September 6 in Europe and North America.

The Administrator

Hey everyone,

The time we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! We are happy to announce that we will at last return to the Void together on September 7 in Japan / September 6 in Europe and North America.

Peer to peer multiplayer will be available at launch, so be sure to mark your calendars, invite your friends and prepare to explore new towns and islands.

Not only can we confirm the release date, but we also have a brand new gameplay trailer to share that showcases some of the new features we’ve developed for The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition. You can check it out below and please let us know what you think by joining us over on Discord!


The Tomorrow Children’s Game Director Dylan Cuthbert shared an extra in-depth overview on the PlayStation Blog today too, so make sure to head over there for all the details. The deep dive showcases new islands, new items, new villagers and new ways to play, so lots to get stuck into!

Read the Playstation Blog here

We can’t wait to join you online when we launch in September on PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5, priced at $40 / €40 / £35 / ¥4000. Your enthusiasm and excitement for our return has been overwhelming, so thank you for the continued support.

A Glimpse Into the Void

pftv_issue13_screenshot1 pftv_issue13_screenshot2 pftv_issue13_screenshot3