Psst, comrades!

We intercepted a confidential broadcast confirming that the Black Market is booming. We'll soon be seeing an influx of Freeman Dollars throughout the Void between January 16th and 23rd. There will be bonus Freeman Dollars available for the taking, so make sure you don't miss out. Freeman Dollars cannot be used for state purchases, but they can be used on the Black Market to buy top-of-the-range tools and equipment. You may also be able to use them to bribe some state figures to get your own way... but you didn't hear it from us.

Use this information wisely, comrades, and make sure to visit the Void from 16th - 23rd January. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition is available to download now, exclusively from the PlayStation Store including a 25% discount as part of the ongoing holiday sale.

We also received a tip-off that there will be an in-game Black Market Sale running from 23rd - 31st January. Keep this information to yourselves, comrades. The rulers of the Black Market would not like this information to be shared publicly!

Lastly, it is rumoured that the first new moon of the Lunar Calendar will bring with it an increased chance of discovering a rare moon island, with some unique New Year Celebration additions. Keep your eyes to the skies, comrades!